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Our mission is to empower one million people to use innovative ways of thinking to improve the quality of life for one billion people. We work with companies to create scalable solutions to real problems that can change the world.

We partner with organizations that are passionate about creating sustainable ecosystems, innovation in our cities, and the future of work. We ponder solutions and opportunities that will create a lasting impact on the world around us, taking into consideration both nascent and established technologies, as well as innovative methods of doing business.

Future of Work

While the way we work has always been evolving, we believe that we are on the cusp of a massive paradigm shift that will force us to find new ways of being productive. As we explore these changes, we always focus first and foremost on the people themselves, and look to increasingly blend fulfillment and accomplishment into the way we work. At we focus on how companies interact with their employees, and how workers interact with companies. 


When it comes to building, rebuilding, and revitalizing cities, we think the focus should always be on the people who will live, work, and play in those spaces. We seek to influence the way cities are built through research and thought leadership on quality of life and balancing work, play, and living. This includes putting the role of the company in one that is integral to the growth and balance of the local ecosystem.


We believe that as companies identify their place in society, they should become integral pieces of sustainable ecosystems. This can be achieved by combining advanced technologies such as automation and renewable energy with natural biodiversity and ecological resiliency. We devise strategies to extend sustainable growth and development into communities around the world, with an increased quality of life and future for our planet top of mind.

Featured Case Studies

We've worked with entrepreneurs in many industries, ranging from trade and logistics to health and wellness, from Ecuador to Cuba to Spain. We pride ourselves on being able to extract best practices and methodologies from seemingly unrelated industries and applying them to new ones.

Trade + Logistics



Building Stronger Communities

By focusing our work on innovation in our three focus areas (sustainability, urbanism, and the future of work), we can ultimately create stronger communities and a more conscious society. We believe:

  • Cities should be designed around nature and people.
  • People should have easy access to native green spaces.
  • People should work to live, not live to work.
  • Quality, not quantity, of life is of utmost importance. 

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