Based in Miami, FL, meco.works facilitates innovation solutions to organizations around the world. We focus on empowering companies —no matter the industry— to solve big problems in transformative ways.

Our goal is to positively impact communities and organizations around the world through innovation. Through our unique innovation trainings and experienced team of Innovation Strategists, meco.works makes innovation and growth a reality for our clients.

We build your organization’s knowledge and skills in the 4 areas that are essential for innovation: Ideas, Strategy, Process, and Implementation. Using our methods and techniques, innovation becomes an expected (and measurable) result.

Tools of Innovation

Customized workshops designed to affect your company’s vision and impact. We’ll cover specific trends in your industry, key drivers, barriers to entry, players, and opportunities.

Future Vision

One-day engagement where we’ll consider the impact of emerging trends that aren’t yet on the radar of your customers, partners, or competition, and show you how you can take advantage of them before anyone else.

Catalyze Change

Establish a climate of innovation that embraces smart risk and is conducive to sustainable growth. We’ll outline growth strategies that allow you to anticipate the trends that will strongly impact your business.

Strategy Sprint

Using principles usually reserved for technological development, together we will define the “Most Valuable Pivot” for your team to gain a competitive edge in the market.

About Megan

I am an entrepreneur and strategist with a passion for building communities around concepts and ideas that will change the world. Before deciding to help other entrepreneurs make an impact, I spent several years working on growing a national non-profit health community, as well as devising strategies for many innovative startups in the US and Latin America. I have “hacked” the growth of international brands, allowing them to grow their market at an exponential pace, as well as run my own gourmet trade consultancy. I like to drive innovation through strategic engagement and  leadership. If you want to know more, feel free to reach out!


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