Megan Conyers

Growth + Impact Strategy


Solid, community-driven strategies to take your company to the next level

Community Building

Your company’s growth is limited by the strength of your community. Let’s identify your core community, fully engage them, and grow your revenues!

Digital Growth

In today’s digital age, many small businesses are still struggling to adapt. I’ll help you solidify your presence online and figure out the best way to reach new customers/users.

Idea Validation

Have a business idea but not sure how to execute? I’ll help you navigate those waters and make sure you mitigate your risks as much as possible. 


Storytelling for Impact

The story you tell about your business can make or break you. I’ll help you get your story right so that it resonates with the hearts and minds of your customers/users.

About Megan

I am an entrepreneur and strategist with a passion for building communities around concepts and ideas that will change the world. Before deciding to help other entrepreneurs make an impact, I spent several years working on growing a national non-profit health community, as well as devising strategies for many innovative startups in the US and Latin America. I have “hacked” the growth of international brands, allowing them to grow their market at an exponential pace, as well as run my own gourmet trade consultancy. I like to drive innovation through strategic engagement and  leadership. If you want to know more, feel free to reach out!