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Growing a company can be a scary thing. But with the right strategy behind your product or service, you drastically increase your chances of winning the game.

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We help businesses grow, better. helps entrepreneurs validate your big ideas —no matter your industry— to help you find the quickest path to revenue and growth.

Our goal is to positively impact communities and organizations around the world through innovation. Through our unique innovation solutions, makes innovation and growth a reality for our clients.

We help you solve big problems in transformative ways, focusing on platform-based business models and exponential growth and technologies.

Idea Validation

We’ll find your target market and help you resonate with potential users to increase your chances of success


We’ll create a launch plan that will allow you to grow efficiently, seeking out the right players at the right times.

Business Models

We will create several revenue streams for your startup so that you can monetize as quickly as possible

Impact and Growth

When it comes to building companies, we like to focus on those who are ultimately building and improving the quality of life of their customers, identifying and growing communities around an aligned vision, and seeking to expand to new markets with new products and services.

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Not quite ready to make your idea a reality? That’s okay. We’ll be here when you are. In the meantime, sign up for our email updates and get a free Problem Definition guide, designed to help you make sure you are fixing real problems, with the right solutions.

Featured Case Studies

We’ve worked with entrepreneurs in many industries, ranging from trade and logistics to health and wellness, from Ecuador to Cuba to Spain. We pride ourselves on being able to extract best practices and methodologies from seemingly unrelated industries and applying them to new ones.

Building Stronger Communities

Our clients work with us to identify their bigger vision, their ultimate purpose. By identifying this one thing, we can:

  • Know who all of our stakeholders are
  • Resonate with the hearts and minds of those stakeholders
  • Create solutions we know they’ll love
  • Achieve change by leveraging our strengths

About Us

Megan Conyers

Megan Conyers


Megan is an entrepreneur and strategist with a passion for building communities around concepts and ideas that will change the world. Before deciding to help other entrepreneurs make an impact, she spent several years working on growing a national non-profit health community, as well as devising strategies for many innovative startups in the US and Latin America.

She has “hacked” the growth of international brands, allowing them to grow their market at an exponential pace, as well as run her own gourmet trade consultancy. She likes to drive innovation through strategic engagement and leadership.

Megan founded to be able to help other entrepreneurs navigate the process of launching new products and services more efficiently. We are currently building our portfolio of clients and would love to explore the opportunity to work together. If you want to know more, feel free to reach out!

25+ Satisfied Clients

“Ms. Conyers has provided invaluable guidance as we develop our strategic work to foster the growth of the Miami-Dade County entrepreneurial ecosystem. She has served as a true asset across our various organizational initiatives. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend Ms. Conyers to prospective clients.”

Christine Johnson

Director, Technology & Innovation, Miami-Dade Beacon Council

Megan is a one-of-a-kind strategist! She led the efforts for the initial strategy of SIX Media, and helped our team to ensure we’d find a product that was going to truly make a difference in the noisy world of journalism. She was able to start with our initial idea and help us mold it into something truly viable.

Carlos Garcia

Founder and CEO, SIX Media

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