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While the term “think tank” typically conjures images of Capitol Hill, people in suits, and long-winded research reports designed to sway policy one way or another, we exist to bend that status quo. At meco.works,we believe that quality of life should take precedence. That is why we have decided to focus on our mission to
empower one million people to use innovative ways of thinking to improve the quality of life for one billion people. 
We work with companies from all over the world to create scalable solutions to real problems that can change the world. We believe that our efforts will, in influencing the way we live in the world around us, also influence the way we vote. Our research is funded privately, not by partisan interests. Qualitative research, publications designed to be read (and understood!) by all, human-centered product design, and community influence are our tools. We collaborate with entrepreneurs, academics, and even public leaders in order to accomplish our mission.
We believe in operating our business not as a non-profit, but as a socially-responsible organization focused on the impact of our work. We partner with organizations that are passionate about creating sustainable ecosystems, innovating in our cities, and the future of work itself. We ponder solutions and opportunities that will create a lasting impact on the world around us, taking into consideration both nascent and established technologies, as well as innovative business models. 
Are you interested in collaborating with meco.works? We are always looking for people and organizations interested in sponsoring and exploring new ideas together!  


We believe that communities can be grown in such a way that increases resiliency, protects natural resources, and exists in harmony with nature around us, 



Our cities are where we thrive, and we believe our built environment should allow us to live and work in sustainable harmony with our surrounding area.



We believe companies, employees, and entrepreneurs alike should have access to innovative growth opportunities to improve our economies and productivity while increasing quality of life.

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We've worked with entrepreneurs in many industries, ranging from trade and logistics to health and wellness, from Ecuador to Cuba to Spain. We pride ourselves on being able to extract best practices and methodologies from seemingly unrelated industries and applying them to new ones.

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