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What does the future look like?

Perhaps you’ve thought about making the future “a better place for future generations,” or something like that. But how, exactly, do you create a better future?

One way is to improve the quality of life for those around you, those affected by you, or those who use your products or services. As an established organization, you have been able to impact the lives of many: your employees, your stakeholders, your customers, your constituents. How positive has that impact been?

At meco.works, we believe that every organization should work to improve the well-being of individuals and societies. Our mission is to

empower our clients and partners to use innovative ways of thinking to vastly improve the well-being of individuals and societies around the world.

We work with companies and organizations from all over the world to create real solutions to real challenges, and then to publish our insights so that others might learn from our findings. After all, to truly shape the future, we need to establish a precedent now.

Our work includes qualitative research, publications designed to be read and acted upon, human-centered product design, and community influence. Entrepreneurs, academics, professionals, and public leaders work with us to explore the possibilities of shaping a better world through innovative strategy.

The solutions and opportunities that will create a lasting impact on the world around us will need to define new markets, new ways of working, and new ways of developing economies.

Are you ready to position your organization to build a better future? Let’s talk about how meco.works can help you achieve that.



We believe that communities can be grown in such a way that increases resiliency, protects natural resources, and exists in harmony with nature around us, 



Our cities are where we thrive, and our solutions should allow people to live and work in harmony with the surrounding area.



We believe companies, employees, and entrepreneurs alike should have access to innovative growth opportunities to improve our economies and productivity while increasing quality of life.

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We've worked with entrepreneurs in many industries, ranging from trade and logistics to health and wellness, from Ecuador to Cuba to Spain. We pride ourselves on being able to extract best practices and methodologies from seemingly unrelated industries and applying them to new ones.

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