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Won’t Somebody Steal My Idea?

So many ideas... How many ideas do you have? How many ideas do you have that are good? How many of those ideas have you actually executed? The numbers keep getting lower, don't they?   "But, I love my idea!" As entrepreneurs, or as creatives, or as...

Just Be You

A coffee conversation last week with a friend led us into a deep dive about the power of being authentic in our work. We talked about how being "real" can help us thrive--both personally and professionally. In the past when I have spoken or written things "about me,"...

3 Steps to Building a Community

"If you build communities and you do things in public, you don't have to find the right people, they find you." - Chris Anderson, DIY Drones (quoted in the book Exponential Organizations by Salim Ismail) What is a Community? A community used to be based on...