Strategy Sprint

You’ve come a long way.

Your company has been pretty successful. You’ve hit your revenue goals year after year, and you’ve built a team you feel you can trust to take your company forward on the path you’ve defined. Things have been going pretty well, but you feel like that could change soon. Your customers are using new technology. Your competitors are lowering their prices or acquiring smaller companies. Should you be doing the same?
A Strategy Sprint with will permit key members of your team to consider all of the possibilities, and to better understand the risks involved in your possible paths forward. 

Going digital can boost your bottom line

Research looking into 344 enterprises listed on US exchanges from 2012-2014 shows that digital transformation has clear effects on the bottom line. Those who took advantage of digitally transformative opportunities (“Digital Leaders”) performed significantly better than those who did not (“Digital Laggards”).


  • Digital Leaders (top 25% of companies) 55%
  • Digital Laggards (bottom 25% of companies) 37%


  • 18%
  • 10%


  • 11%
  • 7%


That’s where we come in.

Many business owners come to us desperate for help. They’ve invested WAY too much money in something that never worked—like a new employee motivation program, a mobile app for their customers, a shiny new website, a fancy consultant that just gave them words and not an actual plan of action. DON’T LET THIS BE YOU!
We’ve adapted the well-known design sprint methodology from Google Ventures to work in situations where you don’t necessarily want to build a new product; you just want to find the best way forward in the face of changing technology and economic drivers. Let’s build a strategy around your “Most Valuable Pivot” so we know how to test it, how to launch it, and how to grow it.
In a Strategy Sprint, we’ll design the short feedback loops you need to be able to act quickly and learn from user feedback so as to fine-tune your company’s strategy moving forward. 


Exponential Thinking

How to transition from linear growth to exponential goals.

Nimble Experimentation

How to build and test ideas quickly to maximize learning and minimize risk.

User-Centric Design

Create products that your community will love. Grow fans for life.

Don't know where to start?

That’s okay! As long as you have a vision, understand where you would like to go, and are open to creative ideas and suggestions, then we can come up with something together! Our methodology is geared to allow the market to show us opportunities, so that we don’t end up with a stubborn, dead idea that won’t allow us to pivot or experiment as we would like.
The team and I are constantly seeing opportunities and ideas that don’t get executed on in many industries, and we’d love to work with the right team to make some of them happen. So if you don’t have an idea, there are still great possibilities for you to walk away with something great after a Strategy Sprint with us.

What will we do?

A Strategy Sprint is a 3-day workshop that allows us to work with your team to devise a company pivot, a new market, a new product, or a new community-building initiative. As a team, we will set our long-term goal at the beginning of the week and then power through a proven methodology to be able to arrive at a validated plan of action by Day Three. We’ll discuss worst case scenarios, understanding what could possibly cause us to fail our mission, and find ways to mitigate those risks.

We’ll thoroughly research and analyze the market and industry, focusing on existing pain points and rising or projected trends so that we can understand the direction in which the market is flowing and how we can gain a competitive advantage in the space. We’ll look at analogous trends and industries to understand where we can borrow best practices and ideas from other industries and apply them to your own.

We’ll map out your current processes and guide your team to understand how your current way of doing things is affecting your community—and your growth. Throughout the first day and a half of our sprint, we will understand each component of the way things are currently done—or how they could be done in the case of a new idea—and we will inevitably stumble across opportunities for streamlining and improving.
By the end of our workshop, we will have defined your “Most Valuable Pivot” or “Path” (MVP) and the steps to implement it. We can focus on strategy, organizational challenges, processes, or other aspects of your company that could have a lasting impact on the way you grow.

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Does this really work?

After all of the work you’ve already put into building your company, I’m sure the idea of changing your path forward (sometimes dramatically) in just a few days seems too good to be true. Companies large and small have executed sprints to solve big problems and had some amazing results, and there’s no reason yours won’t either. All you need to ensure success is a team, the time, and an open mind. We’ll explore some really off-the-wall ideas, and will find the Most Valuable Pivot for your organization in a very short time!

Strategy Sprint Outline



Through remote interviews and our extensive database of insights, our team will prepare for our workshop by analyzing your industry and the market to identify pain points and trends, which we’ll use to fuel our work during the Sprint.

Day One

We’ll define our goal for the Sprint, as well as map out existing processes and opportunities

Day Two

We will explore current solutions in the market to learn from them and then ideate for solutions of our own

Day Three

The final day of the Sprint we’ll define our Most Valuable Pivot and design a prototype for implementation

"It's obvious that I need to do this."

  • You’re a forward-thinking business owner/executive/entrepreneur and you’re ready to take the next step.
  • You’ve seen teams come up with great ideas in the past, only to abandon them somewhere down the line.
  • You know your company is ready to take the next step, but aren’t sure how to orchestrate that step beyond a company-wide memo.
  • Your team is enthusiastic about trying new things, but you know they would love to see you buy in to them, too.
  • You have an inkling that there is a lot more market for you to capture, but aren’t sure how to start conquering it.
  • You suspect there’s a better way of doing things, but it’s overwhelming to think about trying new ways of doing them.
If any of these statements apply to you, then a Strategy Sprint is perfect for you!

Ready to plan your Strategy Sprint?

If you’re ready for unprecedented proactivity and decision-making speed, a three-day Strategy Sprint workshop could be just what your team needs. Schedule a call with me to talk about your goals and how we can work together!